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My Favorite Bands,Games and Youtubers

I have been into music forever . I like lots of bands some of them most people don’t know. It’s nice to meet people who like the bands . I have some things from my favorite bands like T-shirts and drawings I make with my sister . I like `Twenty One Pilots , Marina and Diamonds , Glass Animals , Set it Off ,  Steam Punk Giraffe   , Panic at the Disco , Melanie Martinez ,Halsey and others I can’t remember all the band names , but Those are my favorite bands .

I have many games I like But there are some I like a lot . One game is Bendy and the Ink Machine . I also like Cup-head and all Five Nights At Freddy’s (Fnaf) for short .  I like many other games but these are some of my favorites . Bendy and the Ink Machine is very well detailed and has lots of characters . The main character is of cores Bendy the Dancing Demon . The other close characters are Boris and Alice Angle . There are many cool things about the game and I really like it . Cup-Head is really well animated if you know how old Disney cartoons looked well , that’s what Cup-head looks like it’s really amazing how they made it look the way it looks I can’t wait for my om to get me the game .

This is a picture of Cup .Cuphead

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I love watching YouTube I like to watch animations but I also like watching you tubers . I have favorites in you tubes Markiplier ,Jacksepticeye ,Pink stylist,Row(nerdy nummies) ,Eddsworld ,Tomska and lots more you tubers . I know markiplier swears and some of the others swear too but I still watch them . I like to watch them  on my tv , tablet or phone . I like to draw a lot too in my free time . I know lots of people like Mark and Jack and my sister likes Pink Stylist . What is your favorite game ? Who is your favorite you tuber ? What’s your favorite band ?

My Three Favorite Holidays

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My first favorite holiday is Halloween . I love to dress up and for me to see people I know . My favorite thing is the party at my house it’s not on Halloween it s really fun  though . This year I was hoping that I could have some friends come they didn’t show up but my big sister was really nice and let me hang out with her and her friends . I had lots of fun and I hope next year at least one friend comes that I invite to the party . I don’t just like the candy I like to dress up more than get candy . I will cosplay on Halloween  sometimes but I usually walk around with my baby sister now .

My second favorite holiday is Christmas . I don’t like getting presents I like to give presents for secret Santa and  see some family members . I also like to scare to little kids and say Santa is gonna give them coal or eat them . I also have burned the tree down tree times . Te first time I was 3 years old and I was very mad for some reason so I burned the tree . The second time I was 5 my sister said that Santa as going to eat my toys so I burned the tree again .  The last time was when I was 9 years old . I was not happy because my baby sister kept me up all night so a grabbed a match and started the fire in the fireplace . I left the fireplace open and then the tree was one fire it smelled like pine because the tree was real the last time . I set the tree on fire two times on purpose and one time one accident but that’s what I did for Christmas. .

My last favorite is Easter . It’s a nice holiday and I like to put out eggs for the other kids to find . I like to get little stuffed animals to add to my cluster of them .  I also like to eat the chocolate thing I get like bunnies and other animals . I like hanging out with friends and family too on Ester . Ester is my last favorite because my grandpa died a few weeks before Ester . I still like Ester though I do miss my grandpa too every Ester .  These are three of many holidays a like to celebrate some of them are known to only my family and other very few people celebrate . Holidays are a good way to take off work and school . There also good for seeing family and friends that you haven’t seen in a long time . You could meet family you never knew and friends could meet your families too . There are many different holidays what are your favorite ones ?  Feel free to tell me some of your favorite holidays .

Step Two To My Pay It Forward Project

So far, I have been thinking about doing something else for my project, but I'm not sure yet. I do really want to help animals, but I'm not really sure if it is going to succeed.I was thinking about helping homeless.My teacher asked what is something I like to do I said I like drawing she said I could teach people how to draw but,I'm still learning.I also said I like walking dogs she said I could walk dogs for money to get art supplies for schools with no art class or art supplies.I think that would be easier than my first and second thoughts on changing my project . I love walking dogs and art so it would be something interesting to do. I might change my project to dog walking and art supplies for schools in need of them. I also want to thank my teacher for giving me this idea.

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The Things Out Of The Windows

When I know I’m going to a new school ,I think about what  It will look like ,who I know at the school and mostly who my friends will be and what will be out side the windows . Will it be normal or not ? funny or not ?  Crazy or not ? Will it look like a wonderland or a candy land maybe a dream or reality who knows . I always saw made up animals and funny things, so I thought it was always a dream .

Then , the day came ,I opened the windows , I found out I wasn’t dreaming . The things were in the school there were dragons in drama , alpacas in art , lamas in language arts , horses in health , manatees and mammoths in math , snakes in science, lions in the library , cheetahs and other cats in the cafeteria and a penguin as our principal !! I went home I went to sleep , And I  woke up to my parents as ponies the next day .  I said,” there are many things out side the window that get to stay out the window until someone opens the window,  they will always be the things outside the windows . “

Step One To My Pay It Forward Project

My project is going  to the different shelters in the counties of Kentucky and Cincinnati . I will help 10 or more animals get nice loving owners that will take care of the animals . If there is anything that’s leftover then it will go to other shelters I don’t go to . I will go to at least 2 shelters or more . I will need money to buy things so I might have a bake sale or walk dogs for the money .

The feelings I have for my project consist of happy , hopeful , exited , determined and sometimes stress but only a very little bit . Most of the time I feel hopeful or determined . I never feel mad or cry because I can’t do it I feel determined . If I did feel sad or say I can’t do it I encourage myself and my friends also help me feel better when I’m feeling blue .  I feel really hopeful for this project and if it ends up not working I will try something else . I’m really exited to do this project I can’t wait until I go to the shelters .

See my Visual Aide to get more information  on my project .


A Little Life In A Little World

There was a little village                                                                                              Past a little lake                                                                                                                That was past a little forest                                                                                             It was so tiny and so great

You would need a microscope                                                                                    And magnifying glass                                                                                                       To see the little village                                                                                                       That had very pretty grass

One of the villager’s  horses,                                                                                      One day, had got away                                                                                                       So the village helped him look and look                                                                 For his precious horse, that day

They found him in the tall grass                                                                                   So they took him back home                                                                                           And returned him to the villager                                                                                That turned out to be a gnome  
Exploring autumn by canoe . .
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The mysterious Creature

It was Halloween night, I was on my way home and it was starting to get dark and I was I  the woods alone . It had been raining since I left the party and I was a little freaked out when I felt someone was following me I turned around and … nothing. Absolutely  nothing . I turned back around and that’s when I saw it  a big shadowy figure  right behind me and it whispered, “I know who you are and I’m following you.”  I asked what its name was and it said, ” I’m The Creature .” I asked why it was following me and he  said, “You shouldn’t have asked me that because I’m  chasing you I’m gonna  eat you!” I ran and ran. Then finally I couldn’t run anymore. He had me in a corner and then  he …(to be continued ) .  
Misty path
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What do you think will happen next?


I chose this avatar because it looks like me and reminds me of a little version of me . If I had a different avatar it would be some tape of animal hybrid . If you choose a avatar think about what you like ! Remember don’t choose it because your friends choose something find                                                      something you like .

Doppel Me

My Passion

My passion is to watch YouTube.  I watch YouTube after I do homework at my house.  I watch lots of different people . Some of the people I watch are people who make nature documents . I also watch  Eddsworld  and people who animate.  Eddsworld is an animate and was a sponsor for Edd, who died.  There were four main characters.  It was a group of people and sometimes they still post new videos.  Some of the people have their own YouTube channels, like Tom.  He is the only one I follow.  You should check it out.

I do not  just sit on my devices all day. I go on walks and jump on my trampoline with my little sister.  I like to draw with my big sister . My favorite is to walk our dogs, even though they have a invisible fence.  I walk the two that are mean and the other two stay inside the fence.  I like to talk to my friends as soon as I get home. I get my phone and say hi to them in our group chat .  My favorite thing is to draw with my big sister.

Picture courtesy of Tamabako The Jaguar (via creative commons)