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I like to draw , play with my dogs , talk to me sister , feed my dogs , jump on my trampoline , and watch YouTube .  Drawing is one of my favorite things to do i like to draw animals more than humans . My big sister likes to talk to me or listen to my long stories I tell her she is really funny too . I have 4 dogs there are 2 German shepherd mix , 1 bagel mix , and one full blood husky (my favorite is the husky . ) The dogs names are Missy , Snickers , Hazel ,and Zooma . My favorite thing to do when i get off the bus if the people aren’t working on the barn I feed the dogs first I let them out of there room , first the 2 German shepherd mixes , then the husky , finally the little bagel . I like to go outside and jump on my trampoline I love the outdoors . My favorite thing of all is to watch YouTube on my phone , kindal , or the Xbox .  My favorite thing to watch is Eddsworld it is funny and cool to me .  I also like to watch markiplier , jackseptici , dollightful , and a lot of  animators . 

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