The Things Out Of The Windows

When I know I’m going to a new school ,I think about what  It will look like ,who I know at the school and mostly who my friends will be and what will be out side the windows . Will it be normal or not ? funny or not ?  Crazy or not ? Will it look like a wonderland or a candy land maybe a dream or reality who knows . I always saw made up animals and funny things, so I thought it was always a dream .

Then , the day came ,I opened the windows , I found out I wasn’t dreaming . The things were in the school there were dragons in drama , alpacas in art , lamas in language arts , horses in health , manatees and mammoths in math , snakes in science, lions in the library , cheetahs and other cats in the cafeteria and a penguin as our principal !! I went home I went to sleep , And I  woke up to my parents as ponies the next day .  I said,” there are many things out side the window that get to stay out the window until someone opens the window,  they will always be the things outside the windows . “

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