The Things Out Of The Windows

When I know I’m going to a new school ,I think about what  It will look like ,who I know at the school and mostly who my friends will be and what will be out side the windows . Will it be normal or not ? funny or not ?  Crazy or not ? Will it look like a wonderland or a candy land maybe a dream or reality who knows . I always saw made up animals and funny things, so I thought it was always a dream .

Then , the day came ,I opened the windows , I found out I wasn’t dreaming . The things were in the school there were dragons in drama , alpacas in art , lamas in language arts , horses in health , manatees and mammoths in math , snakes in science, lions in the library , cheetahs and other cats in the cafeteria and a penguin as our principal !! I went home I went to sleep , And I  woke up to my parents as ponies the next day .  I said,” there are many things out side the window that get to stay out the window until someone opens the window,  they will always be the things outside the windows . “

Step One To My Pay It Forward Project

My project is going  to the different shelters in the counties of Kentucky and Cincinnati . I will help 10 or more animals get nice loving owners that will take care of the animals . If there is anything that’s leftover then it will go to other shelters I don’t go to . I will go to at least 2 shelters or more . I will need money to buy things so I might have a bake sale or walk dogs for the money .

The feelings I have for my project consist of happy , hopeful , exited , determined and sometimes stress but only a very little bit . Most of the time I feel hopeful or determined . I never feel mad or cry because I can’t do it I feel determined . If I did feel sad or say I can’t do it I encourage myself and my friends also help me feel better when I’m feeling blue .  I feel really hopeful for this project and if it ends up not working I will try something else . I’m really exited to do this project I can’t wait until I go to the shelters .

See my Visual Aide to get more information  on my project .


A Little Life In A Little World

There was a little village                                                                                              Past a little lake                                                                                                                That was past a little forest                                                                                             It was so tiny and so great

You would need a microscope                                                                                    And magnifying glass                                                                                                       To see the little village                                                                                                       That had very pretty grass

One of the villager’s  horses,                                                                                      One day, had got away                                                                                                       So the village helped him look and look                                                                 For his precious horse, that day

They found him in the tall grass                                                                                   So they took him back home                                                                                           And returned him to the villager                                                                                That turned out to be a gnome  
Exploring autumn by canoe . .
JLS Photography – Alaska via Compfight

The mysterious Creature

It was Halloween night, I was on my way home and it was starting to get dark and I was I  the woods alone . It had been raining since I left the party and I was a little freaked out when I felt someone was following me I turned around and … nothing. Absolutely  nothing . I turned back around and that’s when I saw it  a big shadowy figure  right behind me and it whispered, “I know who you are and I’m following you.”  I asked what its name was and it said, ” I’m The Creature .” I asked why it was following me and he  said, “You shouldn’t have asked me that because I’m  chasing you I’m gonna  eat you!” I ran and ran. Then finally I couldn’t run anymore. He had me in a corner and then  he …(to be continued ) .  
Misty path
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What do you think will happen next?